Richmond Balintawak was founded in 2007 to promote the art of Balintawak eskrima, a close quarters stick fighting art. We are proud members of Grandmaster Bobby Taboada's International Balintawak Group, and the World Eskrima Balintawak Arnis Federation.

Historical footage of the late Grandmaster Teofilio Velez and (Grandmaster) Bobby Taboada demonstrating the basics of the Balintawak system and moving into more advanced applications. By kind permission of Grandmaster Bobby Taboada and the Online Balintawak Community Project


Revolution BJJ

2125 Staples Mill Road,
Richmond, VA 23230


7.30pm - 9.00pm


10.00 am - 12.00pm

Private Lessons Available

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Ben Winn



Ben is the first member of Richmond Balintawak to attain Level 7 Fully Qualified Instructor status, which was personally awarded to him by Grand Master Taboada in November 2015. Ben moves between the big picture and the details, tying them together to bring a holistic approach to his training and teaching. Ben has trained in a wide variety of arts, such as American & Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Jeet Kun Do and works to seamlessly incorporate the relevant aspects of each art into his instruction. This approach provides Ben's Richmond students with the ability to recognize a wide variety of threats and counter them effectively, both with and without a stick.

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Terence Chu

School Manager & Assistant Instructor

Level 6 - Completion of the Art

Terry is the structure of Richmond Balintawak, helping to keep us organized and focused as the school's manager. He brings his attention to detail to both his training and teaching. Terry received his Level 6 Completion of the Art from Grand Master Taboada in 2013.


Matt Wagner

Assistant Instructor

Level 6 - Completion of the Art

Matt is as intellectual and physical as he is tattooed. He is driven by research and combat proven approaches to self preservation across platforms and ranges. His constant intake and thoughtful deconstruction of new material has allowed him to reconstruct and refine his own framework. He is also a bear. Matt obtained his Level 6 ranking at the 2015 World Camp from Grand Master Taboada.

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Nebrido Nocon

Senior Instructor

Level 6 - Completion of the Art

One of the original members of Richmond Balintawak, Nebrido has and continues to be a guiding force of Richmond Balintawak. Having extensively trained in various Filipino and other martial art styles (such as the secretive Indonesian art of Kun Tao which he studied under the tutelage of Master Ron Kosakowski in Waterboro Connecticut), Nebrido is known for his rare combination of power, explosiveness, speed, and control during stick play. 

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Nathan Wender

Assistant Instructor

Level 6 - Completion of the Art

Nathan is a veteran with an extensive background in Karate and a knack for integrating traditional arts to create something fresh but respectful of their constituant parts. He is a natural teacher, able to guide his students through the details and the overarching concepts. Nathan obtained his Level 6 ranking at the 2017 World Camp from Grand Master Taboada.

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Aris Taloma

Senior Instructor

Level 7 - Fully qualified instructor

Coming to the martial arts later in life, Aris is one of the original members of Richmond Balintawak, joining in 2007. He received his Level 7 Fully Qualified Instructor from Grandmaster Taboada in 2018. What Aris lacks in youth he makes up for with knowledge and misdirection. He is an inspiration to us all.  


Kinney Thompson

Assistant Instructor

Level 6 - Completion of the Art

Kinney is smarter than the rest of us combined, there is no other way to say it. If that wasn't enough his background in Foil fencing, Kendo, and Wing Chun give him a unique take on controlling distance and weapons.  He's also from the future. Kinney obtained his Level 6 ranking at the 2015 World Camp from Grand Master Taboada.


Atlanta Budokan

2508 Cobb Parkway,
Smyrna, GA 30080


12.30 pm - 2.00pm

Private Lessons Available


Jemar Carcellar

SCHOOL Founder & Head Instructor

Level 7 - Fully Qualified Instructor

Founder of Richmond Balintawak, Jemar was born and raised in Cebu City, Philippines. At the age of 12,  he started receiving lessons from Grandmaster Taboada at the Balintawak International Self Defense Club, located in the backyard of the Grandmaster Teofilo Velez.  Hence he was able to receive additional training from the Velez family – GM Teofilo Velez, GM Chito Velez and GM Eddie Velez. He  received his Level 7, Fully Qualified Instructor, from GM Taboada in 2010. That same year Jemar was honored as Regional Man of the Year by the World Sokeship Head of Family Council. Additionally, he was appointed as the Ambassador for the Commonwealth of Virginia for the World Escrima Balintawak Arnis Federation (WEBAF).

Currently he resides in Atlanta Georgia, where he continues to spread the art and culture of Balintawak. Jemar frequently returns to Richmond to train with his friends and make sure that we are living up to the highest standards that he has instilled in us.  

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Pat Dabney



A long time member of the Richmond VA school, Pat has reunited with Jemar in Atlanta and is again helping spread the art of Balintawak. Pat obtained his Level 6 ranking at the 2014 World Camp from GM Taboada.


Houston Martial Arts & Personal Self Defense

6134 Airline Drive,
Houston TX 77076 suite 20j


10.00 am - 11.30 am

Jason Bugg

Study Group Leader


Jason is a seasoned Kenpo Stylist of both the American and Imua (Hawaiian) styles which he also teaches through his group Houston Martial Arts and Personal Self-Defense. In Jemar's absence Jason leads the Houston Study Group.