Thanks Jemar for visiting and leading our extended Saturday training session!

This past Saturday, April 25th, we were fortunate to have our school's founder, Jemar Carcellar, visit us from his home in Atlanta. In Jemar's honor, RVABalintawak ran an extended class (9 am - 4 pm), during which most of the school's current roster participated. In addition, we were joined by GM Terryl Richardson, Prof. Luck Penn, and 5 additional students from their schools in Maryland.

For Jemar, this was his first opportunity to meet (and play with) a number of our new students, including Nathan, Cam, Walter, Jon and Jacob. Jemar was impressed with their level of development and is looking forward to his return visit with GM Taboada in July for further training and level testing. Jemar also brought some new techniques and refinements in the Balintawak curriculum recently introduced by GM Taboada. 

On that note, please remember to take advantage of the increasingly rare event on July 10th, the opportunity to train privately with GM Taboada! GM rarely offers private lessons, so please be sure to sign up and select your slot. Additional details and a signup form can be found here.

On behalf of Jemar and the senior students, we thank all of you who participated this past Saturday. We love the level of energy, enthusiasm, dedication, and fellowship you brought and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next event with Grandmaster Taboada on July 11th!