Grand Master Bobby Taboada visits RVA Balintawak

It has been an intensive weekend of training at RVA Balintawak, Grandmaster Bobby Taboada took time out of his very busy schedule to visit us on his way to the Balintawak Legacy gathering held this weekend in Washington DC where he was a keynote speaker on Sunday July 12, 2015.

Friday was spent in intensive private sessions where students were honed by the hands (and stick!) of the Grand Master, refining our motions and building our understanding of the art, 2 students at a time. That night Grandmaster Taboada tested several students from both RVA Balintawak and our good friends in the Maryland study group led by Grandmaster Terryl Richardson at his school, Kazoku Martial Arts.

Grandmaster Bobby Taboada with participants of Saturday's Seminar. 

Grandmaster Bobby Taboada with participants of Saturday's Seminar. 

Saturday Grandmaster led us in a 7 hour seminar, covering a host of topics but, as always, covering the fundamentals, making sure that the core of our training is strong. As a testament to the communication skills that Grandmaster posses he is able to asses a room full of people at various levels and discuss anything about Balintawak, fundamentals in this case, in a way that not only illuminates them for the beginner but is able to shine a brighter understanding on them for the advanced practitioners. In addition to fundamental techniques such as striking and defense and counters we covered fundamental body movements specifically focusing on how to generate power with every strike, the Balintawak way! While we worked on developing power for "the Killer" we also spent a great deal of time developing the speed and sensitivity of "the Feeler", beginning with drills and moving into application in feeding. 

As usual Grandmaster left us in amazement of his skill, and his ability to share it. Thank you Grandmaster Taboada for all of the time, energy, patience, and love that you have put into us! We will continue to work on the material that we covered this weekend and put it to good use so that we can show you the next time we see you.