UPDATE - Balintawak World Camp 2015, Nov. 13 - 15th

UPDATE - It is now official, World Camp 2015 will take place in Charlotte (specifically Indian Trail, NC) the weekend of November 13 - 15th. The registration fee is $140 and includes Saturday lunch and dinner. You should register in advance (highly recommended as the walk-up registration price may be higher) at: http://gmbobbytaboada.wix.com 

Depending on the anticipated attendance from our school, the school may provide transportation to World Camp from Richmond. The school will also reserve (but NOT pay for) a block of rooms at a local hotel in order to keep attendees together. In order to facilitate planning, please let Terry know if you're even considering attending World Camp.   

For those of you who have not yet had this experience, we encourage you to attend. All levels are welcome and there is no better opportunity to improve your Balintawak skills quickly. In addition, this year our school, Richmond Balintawak, will have its first member testing for Fully Qualified Instructor (Level 7), Ben Winn. Other testing students include Kinney Thompson & Matt Wagner, who will both be testing for Completion of the Art (Level 6). It would be great if there was a large contingent from the school there to support them. Any student at any level is welcome to test in Charlotte, but if you would like to test at World Camp, you must first talk to Nebrido, Ben or Terry. 

One of the highlights of attending World Camp is the opportunity to meet and play with other members (from across the country) of the Balintawak community. In past World Camps, GM Taboada has had renown guest instructors (GM Nene Gaabucayan in 2014) provide attendees with unique, personalized, & hands on instruction that is normally unavailable.

If anyone has any followup questions, please see Terry.