GM Monie Velez


Jemar Carcellar, the school's founder, recently called to let me know that Ramon "Monie" Velez, the youngest son of GM Teofilio Velez and contemporary of GM Taboada, was re-admitted to a hospital in the Philippines on January 8th, 2016. GM Monie has been battling pneumonia on and off but his health has deteriorated recently and he has been put on kidney dialysis's during this latest admittance. Consequently GM Monie will require constant medical care and treatment, despite having no insurance (in a worst case scenario, that could mean as many as 3 - 4 visits to a dialysis clinic per week). We all know that no one teaches Martial Arts to get rich, they do it because of their love for their Art and People.

GM Monie Velez

For those who don't know, Jemar began as a student of GM Monie in the Philippines. Jemar will make a one-time donation to GM Monie on behalf of Richmond Balintawak, but we are asking everyone to commit to continuing contribution towards GM Monie's continuing care and treatment. The amount is irrelevant, what is important is that we support this Patriarch of the Balintawak family. Please give what you can (could be as little as $5 per month), every last bit helps. Each month GM Monie will receive a single payment and a general list of contributors (individual amounts will not be disclosed).

There are two ways to contribute: 

  1. Jemar has set up a GoFundMe account here: 
  2. RVA Balintawak students have the option to include your gift with your monthly dues.

Jemar and I, along with all of the senior instructors thank you for considering this request. If you have any questions, please reach out to any of the senior instructors.