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We are pleased to announce that GM Bobby Taboada is offering the students of RVA Balintawak the opportunity to train with him when he visits Richmond on Friday, July 10th. This is a rare and unique chance to quickly improve your stickfighting skill by training one-on-one with Grandmaster. Available session times are listed below, we are looking to get 2 participants for each session. Please fill out the following form to let us know when you would like to train with Grandmaster Taboada and we will get back to you promptly. 

Session Schedule (subject to change)

  1. 9-10am - Ben & Kinney
  2. 10-11am - Ben & Kinney
  3. 11am-12pm - Nebrido
  4. 1-2pm - Aris & Nathan
  5. 2-3pm - John King & Kevin Welch
  6. 3.30-4.30pm - T. Richardson & L. Penn
  7. 4.30-5.30pm - Walter & Cam

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In case your preferred session time is unavailable
Let us know if you were thinking about signing up for more than one time slot or had someone in mind to share your lesson with.